Our products are used in the following Industries mentioned below.

Our high grade Stainless steel quality process makes our product viable for the following Industries.

Not only do we offer cost effective and relaible quality but we also take care that the customer feels he has been the right choice of products.

We welcome you to send us an enquiry if you need Stainless steel Pipes for your Industry.



Used In Industries Like

Sugar Mills Fertilizers
Pharmaceuticals Chemicals
Breweries Paper & Rayon
Synthetic Fibers Oil Processing
Automobiles Nuclear
Dairy Refinery & Petrochemicals
Railways Chilling Plants
Pesticides Power Plants
Instrumentation Architectural & Construction
Desalination Plants Water Pipelines
Textile Food & Beverages
Also Used in Equipments Like
Heat Exchanger
Surface Condenser
Fluid Piping
Heating Elements
Submersible Pumps