Adhering to the international norms and regualtions laid in the manufacturing process, we follow strict quality guidelines where we follow the following test process through Internationally recognised machinery.

Some of them are listed below for the reference.


Testing Equipments

Grane Size Testing
Hydrostatic Testing
Hardness Testing
Chemical Testing Laboratory
Air Under Water Pressure Testing
Flaring Testing
Reverse Flattening Testing
Microstructure Testing
Tensile Testing
Flange Testing
IGC Testing (Intergranular corrosion test)
Eddy Current Testing/Non Destructive Examination

Infrastructure for achieving good quality

Draw Benches.
CNC Machine.
Furnace for Annealing (Heat Treatment)
20 meter Pickling Tanks.
Bead Remover
Crane Service
Polish machines that provide all grits of polishes on pipes.
High quality of Tube Mills.
Straighter machines
Debur Machines